Wednesday , January 20 2021

Mirai opposed playbacky. But it's hard to change –

Such a way of appearing in television programs and other events has been discussed for years in the world of music. Some games in the game are considered decent, but others welcome them as a simplification. Many directors facilitate and facilitate the organization of the program, as there is no reason to think technically about securing musical performances rather than sound quality, which is good in this case.

The protest of Kryštof's band was years ago to change. In recent years, announcing the results of the Czech Nightingale, the performers made the ceremony live and the whole event gave him a more sincere character. After all, this is a musical show.

At Atlet of the Year on Saturday, Mirai's leading role in a performance, when singers and musicians pretend to act because all the sound is from the record, to the song I want to dance with drummer Simon Bílý. Singer Mirai Navrátil played drums, bass Michal Stulik on keyboards and guitarist Tomáš Javůrek on bass. In addition, the band joined the band of singer Lenny, who also spoke about the instruments, so the Mirai of the four were the seven members of Mirai.

For a musician, it was a treat for the evening and a nice way to protest. The people in the sports world in the room, as well as those of the Mirai bands who do not know the TV screens, probably did not see this "hit on the table".

Frýdek-Místek played in a program that was fully devoted to the results of the sport poll. The musical numbers on it – with all due respect to musicians and singers – only work as an add-on. It is nice to show that they would like to play the song live, as they are used to concerts. But the approach of directors and dramatists to this issue is unlikely to change in the future.

Still, it would be ideal if all those who participated in a TV show could show that they really controlled their work. But they probably will not have a chance in the near future. This is why habits in many entertainment programs are very rooted and perhaps unchanged for a few more years.

An old proverb, however, says that everything goes when it wants. So play without playbacky.

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