MEPs want an extraordinary meeting on the increase in their salaries, supported by YES –


The House has so far applied a delay tactic and blocked the proposal to curb the robust wage growth of constitutional actors. Last time it happened on Friday.

The members of the ANO were also involved in the detention, who on Friday supported the inclusion of the amendment on November 16, despite the fact that the Babis government has proposed a proposal to reduce the rate of growth of legislators' wages.

The Prime Minister was outraged, and a few hours after the meeting, he said his MPs supported Pirate and SPD's initiative to convene an extraordinary meeting. [celá zpráva]

"In view of the fact that at today's meeting no proposal was made on the wage increase of the constitutional actors, we have decided to have 40 signatures to convene an extraordinary meeting to discuss the bill to reduce wage growth," said the deputy pirate deputy Jakub Michálek.

In addition to the pirates, the SPD would like an extraordinary meeting. "There is no other way to do this," said Radim Fiala, head of SPD. The President of the House convenes an extraordinary meeting in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly.

Maybe that's right, Michalek hopes

EP MEPs arrive within 12 minutes within five minutes. The government's proposal, which would slow down the rise in pay increases, has been in the House since May but has not yet been adopted. The legislator has to end the end of the year.

If the council approves the amendment, the Senate will receive it. You have 30 days to comment. The original shall be signed by the Chairperson who has a 14-day deadline.

"I think this can really happen, but we have to do it fast," Michal hopes. He criticized the YO movement, which he proposed to postpone the growth of salaries, but protested at the meeting.

Negotiations blocked the YES movement

"I'm sorry that YES MEP Jaroslav Faltý's president had violated the promise. The YES government hoped to get political points but prohibit YES," Michalek said.

At the same time, pirates recommend that MEPs treat sick people as normal workers. "We do not want to avoid Senator Cuba's case, who did not go to work for one and a half years and made a full payment. We are doing this to increase citizens' confidence in politics," Michalek explained. The SPD intends to freeze politicians' salaries by 2021.

Payments would have risen by nine percent

MEPs and Senators receive a monthly salary of 75900 CZK per month. It's about 20 percent or $ 90 600 a month ago. If they raise their hands by nine percent, it would be 83,900 crowns.

The basic salary paid without the functional surcharge is only two hundred and ninety hundred. For this purpose, all the legislators will receive lump sum compensation from CZK 39,400 to CZK 53,500 gross. And in case of a sudden increase in salaries, 47,100 to 63,900.


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