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Freedom has no money, the unions are fighting. Buyer Mon of Ostrava huti it popr

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ArcelorMittal, Ostrava, together with other companies, sells on the Italian Ilv market as a whole to meet the requirements of the European Commission and does not lose the big thorns.

According to colleagues from Syndex, the situation is that Liberty House will not be able to buy uranium for sale. According to him, there is not enough money for such a transaction, writes Dana Sakaov, an international operations expert at OS KOVO, in a letter from ArcelorMittal Ostrava.

The Syndex successor's claim is also affected by the sale of the steelworks in Ostrava.

This information was also sent to the IE Secretariat (European industrial federation of Europe representing workers in the processing, extraction and energy sectors). (if confirmed) means that Liberty House was unable to meet the European Commission's terms of reference for the sale of ArcelorMittal's predecessor so that the sale could be avoided by the committee, according to a letter from OS KOVO.

Sakha says it is a problem that the trade union affair confirms from all sides. It is quite a matter of information, due to the fact that Great Britain does not make new investments, as Eleftherotypia has been involved in it, Sakhaf said.

Corporate executives: We have overtaken businesses

But with the representatives of the company, disagreement. These claims are not true. In recent years, we invested a large amount of money, we weighed the companies and reopened the business. For example, in Great Britain we recently completed the first phase of a major modernization of Newport Wolves in Wales, this year we rebuilt a large arc furnace and a contir at Rotherham, said Joseph Holk, the athlete of Liberty House.

Sanjeev Gupta, owner of the company, said in an interview with MF DNES at his office in Ostrava that he will have trouble shifts. The resource market is excellent, otherwise we will not be able to keep the company, he said.

It was as if the capital on the market outside the box would shrink because of the lack of money. If we were not able to finance, ArcelorMittal and the European Commission would not agree with the agreement. Finann's sources are only from the banks or from ours, said Gupta.

According to the association of ArcelorMittal Ostrava, these injuries are also harmful to Syndex.

Mr Gupt's unfulfilled promises are more. In Romania, according to a report published recently in 2007, promises large investments in the construction of a new metallurgical plant, the promise has not stayed, said Aleksandr Sobolov, head of Odborov Ostrava.

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