Wednesday , June 16 2021

Diesel is the best selling gas in the price, the most expensive in Prague

We do not record the price of diesel in the Czech Republic. Today it is sent to neighboring Germany or France. Traditionally Italy is also expensive. The cheapest can be transported to Luxembourg or Spain. Photo:

Last week, the price of diesel grew by an average of two cents to 33.77 kronor per liter, while the cheapest Natural 95 petrol, on the other hand, fell six cents to 33.69 crowns. Consequently, diesel is still at the highest prices since December 2014. This is shown by the data of the Czech Credit Card Company (CCS), which tracks prices.

In the Czech Republic, fuel prices rose sharply from late March to early June this year. During this time, prices rose almost three crowns to about 33.50 crowns for gasoline and 32.60 crowns for diesel.

In the months to October, prices rose slightly. Since October, gasoline has been declining gradually, while oil is rising and prices have risen a week ago.

From the individual regions of the Czech Republic, the highest average prices for gasoline and diesel are still Prague. In the capital, one liter of gasoline is an average of 34.46 crowns and a liter of diesel 34.38 crowns. Over 34 crowns, gasoline prices are also found in the areas of South Moravia and Olomouc and Vysočina. The price of diesel was above the same limit except for Prague in the areas of South Moravia, Plzen and Central Bohemia and Vysočina.

The cheapest fuel is still in the South Bohemian region. Natural 95 drivers buy it on average for 33.25 crowns and diesel for 33.44 crowns.

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