Saturday , February 27 2021

Car in Tábor crashes a woman on the sidewalk, died in hospital –

Why the 50-year-old driver with his car on the sidewalk is now under investigation by criminals. Speed ​​and frozen roads can play their part.

"The preliminary investigation of traffic police officers shows that the driver of a passenger car driving on the road from Bernartice to Bechyně had to walk on a pavement where there was a collision with a pedestrian after passing a turn of the invisible causes. the result of the impact and was transferred to the hospital with serious injuries, but unfortunately suffered the consequences, "said Lenka Pokorná, a representative of the South Bohemian police.

Damaged car

Damaged car after a tragic collision with a pedestrian walker in Tábor

PHOTO: Police of the Czech Republic

Rescue workers of Moravia and Silesia also traveled to the climbing pavement on Monday. A sixty-year-old man crashed a car in Slatina in Novojičín. In a man after a crash with the vehicle, the breathing and the traffic of the car broke.

"The basic revival was started by the people who were present on the scene of the accident, and revitalization continued after the rescue arrived." The intervening physician found that the sufferer had suffered injuries to the head, brain and chest, "said the worker's representative rescue of Moravian Silesian Luke Humpl, saying that despite the patient's rescue efforts, the heart of the heart failed to recover and the man succumbed to the injury.

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