Monday , April 19 2021

Bohemians are in the semifinals of the Cup, Prribram has defeated Bartek

The Duel was a duel of teams faced with problems in the championship. Bohemians have won only one of the last seven games and Příbram has lost even the last four games at 1:18.

While the Pribram president did not use Voltr, the Bohemians took the lead in the eighth minute of the first serious event. The shot of Chil reached Bartek.

After an hour of play, the guests could grow, but Hilal just dropped into the bar. But seven minutes later it was 2: 0, after Bartek pushed the lime.

Work began in the last four hours. First, the hedgehog did not score the goalkeeper and Kodr threw the corner after a corner kick. However, more Příbramští people do not think about it and they have left the competition.

Porbram – Bohemian Prague 1905 1: 2 (0: 1)
77. Kodr-8 and 67. Bartek. Referee: Rejzek – Kubr, Fišer. ŽK: Soldier, Fantiš, Antwi (all Pribram).
Příbram: Kočí – Nitrianský, Kodr, Tregler, Antwi (83. New) – Soldier, Katydis (46th flower) – Rezek, Pejša (58. Hlúpik), Voltr – Fantiš. Coach: Csaplár.
Bohemians: Fryšták – Dostál, Krch, Šmíd, Schumacher – Záviška, Švec, M. Hašek, Bartek (90. Vodháněl) – Masek (85. Jindřišek) – Hilál (78. Vaníček). Coach: M. Hašek st.

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