Wednesday , October 20 2021

A room burns in Lety near Prague, explosions come from the place. Preliminary damage of 5 million, which also helped Prague firefighters Home


Flights (Prague) A room in Lety near Prague burns about 40 times 50 meters. Firefighters announced a third alarm level of four possible outbreaks, Jaroslav Gabriel, the firefighter's representative at Central Bohemia, said on Saturday. The room serves as a waste metal warehouse, valuable damage only to the stored material is five million crowns, but the ultimate damage will be higher. There was no one in the room during the fire, no one hurt.

Dozens of firefighters fight with flames. The developed fire burns with the outer ceiling. "Space is very complicated for heavy machinery, so the commander has to make a big effort to organize a tanker exchange that drives water for firefighting," Gabriel said.

Local firefighters from Prague, especially Modřany and Petřina, are also affected. According to the Požá server, a chemical laboratory from Kamenice will also be held.

A thick smoke rises from the place, which, according to Gabriel, is toxic. "There are no measures to protect the population because smoke spreads to the uninhabited area on the other hand, so it's not a complication," Gabriel said.

The firearms detect four alarm levels, the most serious being the fourth, which is reported only in emergency situations.

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