Friday , May 14 2021

A man in Prague kidnapped his four-year-old daughter –

After a suspect, police officers declared a national search for prior consent to be held suspected of kidnapping a child and a person suffering from a mental disorder. The man and girl named Dmytro Irinin and Karina Savkova come from Ukraine.

"The man is the father of the child while the child was entrusted to the mother's care by the Prague District Court 3. The suspect yesterday at 17 noon at the place of residence on Vinohrady took the daughter violently and left the Škoda vehicle where it was unknown, "said Daněk.

The girl is 105 cm tall, slim in character, she has light brown hair on her back and brown eyes. The last time he was dressed in a blue winter jacket, black trousers, pink winter and the headscarf's neck. Her dark blue boots with pink ornaments were at her feet. It has visible decay on the front teeth. On her right ear she has a white metallic earring with a teddy bear and a left white metallic white metal earring.

The man has a height of 178 cm, middle shape, has a shaven head and blue eyes. Eventually she wore a black shirt, black trousers and a black cap on his head.

Anyone looking for a pair should be in touch with line 158.

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