Friday , April 16 2021

A former Imam in Prague, accused by the police in support of terrorism, came to the fore

Specialized police forces were found abroad by former Prague Imam Samer Sehhed, who is accused of supporting terrorism, and left the Czech Republic last year. He wrote it in the middle of the Neovlivní.cz server with reference to reliable sources of security. Shehadeh should be transferred to the Czech Republic in the coming days.

The former Prague Imam found itself from the point of view of the domestic secret services and the police years ago, because of fears of radicalization. Suspicion, for example, caused a report that appealed to her escorts not to engage in anti-terrorist actions with Christians.

He was accused of supporting terrorism a year after his brother and sister traveled to Syria, where they fought Al Qaeda's fraternal terrorist organization. The Imam assisted them in charges. Men with Palestinian roots were born in Prague.

The police accused the former Imam that he failed to surrender before his disappearance, but he asked after him, the server writes. "They already found him, he was arrested and transferred to Prague in the next few days," Neovlivní.cz says his source. Where and how the server was held is not yet known.

Former Imam Prague, Shehadeh, studied in Saudi Arabia. After his return, he was elected by the Muslims of Prague to the head of the Muslim community in Prague, and at the same time he was placed in the position of the imam of the Prague mosque. From there he left four years ago due to the conflict. Other representatives of the Muslim community withdrew publicly. After splitting home, Shehadeh stayed for a while in Slovakia and returned to Prague before his departure from the Czech Republic.

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