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Yes, there was a "hunt" for soldiers who leaked information to the press: Week

This was reported by the weekly after revealing details of the statement of objections against Chief of Staff Eduardo Quirós, a former commander of the military's anti-nuclear wing, investigated by the Attorney General's office for offering up to $ 100m worth of reward information. documents intended for journalists.

The investigation also covers the second commander of the unit, William Roberto Medina, and the commander of the Second Military Division, General Mauricio Moreno, Semana said.

According to the magazine, the public ministry has evidence to show that the army chief, Nikatso Martinez, ordered the execution of two anti-personnel operations (Mercury 146 and Malachy) against 15 Second Army officers operating in the Shan area.

"The company also heard the testimony of Brigadier General Mauricio Moreno Rodríguez, who said that in order to hold a meeting of brigade and brigade commanders, he was ordered by the army commander to seek the support of General Quiró," he stressed shortly. Ministry announcement.

Obviously, these orders also included covering or denying their existence, in addition to submitting brigade and class divisors to the polygraph, reviewing their cell phones, and responding to interviews with members of the Counter-Terrorism Force Cacim) the Second Division's premises, located in Bucaramanga, on May 22 of this year, reviewed weekly.

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In addition, the magazine points out that both General Mauricio Moreno and General Nicacio Martínez were responsible for publicly denying that there was a prosecution of officers who leaked brigade documents, which suggest that top management demanded the resumption of operational operations. -70%, which was interpreted by various sectors as the return of "false positives".

Add to this the allegations of corruption in the ranks and that five of the Republic's troops are confused and one of them is in prison, Semana added.

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