Saturday , June 19 2021

Will Jonah Calderon marry? This ring was suggested by her friend. Watch the video!

Youtuber and woman woman, Yina Calderón, set the temperature on the networks with a news that left a lot of surprise to her thousands of fans and it is that she will soon get married.

Gina, which this year had to undergo a painful process to remove the biopolymers that were in her queue, seems to have resumed her life and is very happy.

The networks announced that her boyfriend proposed marriage and what caught attention was the ring he used for this unforgettable time.

"My friend asked me to get married, to see what it means," she says in a video showing a ring that uses some couples to achieve maximum pleasure in sex.

Almost instantly youtuber said: "I marry gentlemen … (funny) … How many others want such a ring?".

Immediately his followers did not take much to react with much love for this suggestion and many risked to say they wanted something like this.

"I felt like I have a ring like this", "I hope to be my wedding ring JAJAJAJAJAJA", "Use it for what was designed was uff", were some of the comments.

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