Monday , January 18 2021

Wellness and mental health, priorities of employees in 2021

Wellness and mental health: priorities for organizations in 2021

The pandemic has caused many changes in the world. Labor relations and the way of working have changed.

We live in an age of intense transformation and uncertainty.

Studies conducted by many researchers show an increase in the prevalence of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

After these months of the Covid-19 pandemic, part of the population has lost their sense of control over their well-being, which has directly affected their emotional balance.

According to a new study by Oracle and Workplace Intelligence, the most common effects were lack of sleep (40 percent), poor physical health (35 percent), decreased happiness at home (33 percent), and discomfort in family relationships (30 percent) and isolation from friends (28 percent).

The human resources today have the opportunity and responsibility implement programs aimed at the well-being of workers, supporting not only physical health with training programs that multiplied at the beginning of the pandemic in companies, but also programs aimed at mental health, we could differentiate these programs into:

  1. Reagents, those that suggest solutions when the problem already exists, such as employee support hotlines, etc.
  2. As a precaution, those who propose preventative measures to treat the cause and avoid creating the problem, such as flexibility policies, personalization, talking to each employee to find out their situation and needs, as well as training and orientation sessions and so on.

To the extent that we can be proactive, we can explore new solutions and mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on the mental health of our employees.

Employees ask for help and believe that your company needs to do more to protect the mental health of its workforce.

If we can start these talks, both in terms of human resources and in terms of management, we can start making some changes.

Patricia Lajara

Human resources VP en Ralph Lauren

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