Friday , September 24 2021

Today from 1:00 p.m. in Bucaramanga the indigenous Minga begins

dowith a group of about a hundred citizens, in the last few hours the native Minga arrived in Bucaramanga, a social mobilization coming from the Caribbean coast and hoping to reach Bogota on July 20.

Dialogues with various sections of Santander society, press conferences, cultural events, symbolic events and caravans were planned in various parts of the Bucaramanga metropolitan area as a result of the indigenous communities’ visit.

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According to what was confirmed by the organizers, starting at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday 17 July, the Minga will travel to the main streets of “Ciudad Bonita”, Floridablanca and Piedecuesta.

At that time, the indigenous delegation, along with local protesters, will leave TUI headquarters. They will take roads such as Carrera 33 until they reach Parque San Pío, where the first stop of the day will take place.

At the end of this edition Vanguardia la Minga arrived in Bucaramanga. Until then, no public order disturbances had been reported, with cultural activities taking place at the Simón Bolívar monument near the UIS.

Authorities announced the implementation of a special security device to protect the mobilization called today.

“La Minga comes from Santa Marta, in order to speak and listen to various social sectors. “They want to make Minga known and emphasize the value of our indigenous peoples, who are represented in the survivors who retain these pre-Hispanic roots,” said Adriana Simona Roa, a spokeswoman for the Minga Indigenous Committee.

From 8:00 on Saturday, conversations take place with young people and students at UIS. At 10:00 a.m. a meeting with the media, and later said tour.

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At the end of the events planned in San Pío, Minga will start towards the central park of Floridablanca, where a cultural activity is planned. From there he will leave for Piedecuesta, and then return to Floridablanca for another event scheduled at the José Elías Puyana School. He will eventually return to TUI.

As a result of these events, injuries are expected on the motorway on the highway.

Sunday is your departure

For this Sunday, July 18, the local delegation has planned its departure from Santander. As scheduled, tomorrow Minga will follow the road to Bogota from 7:00 am, with visits to San Gill, Harala, Sokoro and Barbosa.

“This mobilization is taking place in search of other scenarios for the expansion of social dialogues, and mainly by promoting the union of different peoples and sectors of the population,” said Adriana Simona Roa, a spokeswoman for the organizers.

From the native Minga, a call was made to the people of Santander so that there would be no stigma or acts of intolerance against this event that is taking place this weekend in the area.

“It is a social, legal and legal mobilization,” said those promoting the delegation’s visit.

Given: About 4.4% of Colombia’s population is recognized as indigenous, according to Dane and his statistics.

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