Thursday , November 26 2020

They warn the Colombian athletes about the existence of a forbidden substance in meat

According to ICA, the presence of boldenone, a testosterone-derived injectable steroid having anabolic properties, was found in one of the four samples of cattle residues.

The Colombian Olympic Committee (COC) sent a letter to athletes in the country in which he warns them of the presence in beef of Boldenone, a steroid injectable derived from testosterone having anabolic properties, according to said entity.

"The COC due to the studies and recent papers issued by the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) on the presence of the substance banned by World Anti-Doping Agency (AMA) "Boldenona" in the country's cattle, "said the president of the Colombian Olympic Committee, Baltzar Medina, in the letter.

In case of positive control on Boldenone, used in bodybuilding and other sports for increase in performance and muscle mass, the anti-doping computerized code defines one four-year suspension.

The COC noted that this substance, marketed in "free form" and prescribed by veterinary prescription in Colombia, is frequent in commercial cattle.

According to ICA, the presence of boldenone was found in one of four samples of bovine waste and added that there are 59 products using this substance.

Colombia is also "one of the few countries in the region" that allows the distribution of anabolic agents such as Boldenone, according to a resolution issued by ICA.

On the other hand, the Argentine footballer Santiago Echeverría, a former Deportivo Independiente Medellín player and approved by the Colombian soccer team (Dimayor) after a test for anti-doping test, said indignation in networks. "And now, we are still guilty? Justice, I do not want to spend another day suspended for something I did not do," Echeverría told his Twitter account.

Last August, the International Cycling Union (UCI) reported on the temporary suspension of the Colombian Fabián Puerta, world champion of the queirin, after a positive test for boldenone in an anti-doping check conducted in the country while out of competition.

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