The most useful feature of WhatsApp is already available and you probably do not know it existed


WhatsApp does not stop updating and every week there is something new about its operation. However, in the past few weeks a new feature has been added that has remained virtually unnoticed and is one of its best features.

Application-related news has recently been rotated around its "Holiday mode" functions, changing contexts, sticking labels, or, above all, viewing messages that we can not avoid .

However, between such an update there is a very useful and practical operation that almost nobody saw. It is related to how we react to messages from others and simplifies the way we talk.

Drag to answer

The new feature allows a user to reply to another one simply by moving his finger to the right of the message in response. This is so simple and useful is the new scanning option that makes us make sure that we respond to a specific part of a message in a WhatsApp conversation.

Now you can scroll right to reply to a message

This type of energy is common in iPhone applications -the way of answering messages to the Telegram for some time now – and operation was already available on Apple phones.

Now, the good news is that they are available to Android users. To prove it you have to make sure has updated the application in version 2.18.300. Once the app is installed, you will be able to drag your finger into a message and answer very easily.

The answer option is still available if you place your finger in a message and keep it pressed until the menu appears -which in another renewal was renewed and presented vertically- with the ability to promote, display, copy, etc. However, for many users it will be easy to get used to answering a question quickly or commenting on a particular message in a conversation.


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