Wednesday , January 20 2021

The city wins the derby of Manchester

The team led by Pep Guardiola lost United 3-1 on the 12th date of the Premier League.

Manchester City lost to United 3-1. AFP

With a splendid luxury center with a intelligent approach, in which he feels the error of the opponent beyond his own success, the Manchester United succumbed to the consistency and tranquility of a Manchester city being aware of his superiority that came out of the rhythm of the derby olés (3-1).

David Silva, first, Sergio Agüero later and Ilkay Gündogan finally revealed the weaknesses of Manchester United who came out with a defensive trivot at the center of the fight and that the Spanish's first goal woke up when it was already late. Mourinho's plan, waiting back and starting as the minute passes, soon went to the box of bad ideas for Guardiola's blessed impatience.

The trivot put by the Portuguese coach did not stop the tireless possession of the opponent and, with all the lines closed, United did not stop the quick link to three touches "Sky Blues". The sterling fell to the left wing, put the skin on his right boot, put a moderate center which closes away from the jaws of the red beasts. Bernardo Silva surprised an innocent Luke Shaw, housed it from the back, and the other Silva, David, got the gift and pushed him to the door, grabbed by David de Gaia.

The achievement was celebrated with rage by the canary, which already has three objectives in its last three commitments. The other side of the coin was Mourinho, with a serious person when he received the first blow. As was the case with Juventus, the goal was to make it The "Red Devils" are improving and, although not clear in front of Ederson's goal, dare to touch the city and their goal was protected by Agüero and the company.

He wrote the stuff in his notebook maybe outrage the fact that he did not have the last red hero in Etihad, Pogba, author of two goals last year on the return (2-3) before the heavens, and this time separated by an injury. The Frenchman, sitting in his stands in the kiosks, saw that United suffered from a creation with a middle section which was destroyed but failed to stop Silva.

A condemned loss for a group Mourinho finished with Agüero to concentrate the ball in three quarters. The Argentine, with his hair dyed white, as did Leo Messi in the past, threw a wall with David Silva in the area and shot De Gea, who saw the 10th missile, field 2 -0 on the scoreboard.

Among Mourinho's decisions, he underlined that leaving his leader in the bank, Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian lives gray days in the city of Mancunia and this is evidenced by the fact that he has not seen a door since 15 September. By consensus or not, Lukaku entered the field and just stepped in it was defeated by Ederson awarding the United Prize. Penalty for "Devils" and transformation of Martial.

A canteen in the desert for 30 minutes remaining in the heavenly temple. Mourinho leans back to his seat, crosses his legs and sees the revolution with Juan Mata, aggressive against Juve, and Alexis Sanchez, coming in for a few minutes. Guardiola had given his people soft drinks Leroy Sané and the fight became a battle between two groups willing not to be wrong

With the unmistakable order not to be in danger until the time is over, the United made the pressure when they left less than ten minutes of play, but it was in a static game in which Mourinho died.

Bernardo Silva, vital in this group, took on the right side, looked and saw Gündogan penetrates the central stations. The German reduced the service of Silva and determined by De Gea low, shelf derby and, with 26 games in front, to any possible choice of the title championship at Old Trafford. The United remains eight with 20 points, while City runs the table with 32 points, two in front of Liverpool.

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