The Attorney General's Office calls for night-time inspections in Cartagena


According to the Ministry of Public Administration, the supervision of permits and operating licenses is not carried out efficiently and proper control of the requirements for its operation.

For the public ministry, control of the functioning of these institutional classes may influence the reduction of cases of sexual exploitation. Pixabay.

The Mayor of Cartagena, at the request of the General Prosecutor's Office, must submit sanctions or interventions to public administrations who fail to fulfill their role in controlling and controlling night-time facilities in the capital of the Bolívar department. When developing preventive action, The Ministry states that supervision of licenses and operating licenses is not carried out efficiently and that the necessary controls for its operation are properly monitored. (It is recommended that Cartagena be said to be sexually exploited)

The inspection body also found the lack of publicity of the Secop (Electronic Public Procurement System) for permits, contracts and authorizations for the operation of inmates or nightclubs. The Attorneys Office asked the mayor's office to remedy these irregularities and to adopt the necessary measures to meet the urban plan of normalization, the POT and the Historical Center's management and defense plan and powers.

The prosecution assured that the check carried out by the mayor's office could affect the operation of the factories in this institution class to reduce cases of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in the city. The authorities, in particular the prosecution and the national police, who carried out more than one operation, such as intervening, tracking, searching and capturing people in Cartagena. (You may be interested: Deputy Minister of Tourism supports measures against sexual exploitation of minors)

One of the scenarios of sexual exploitation is the historical center of Cartagena, where specific points such asthe Clock Tower and the Plaza de los Coches. There, according to the authorities, we see young people between 14 and 17 who obviously routinely set routines and schedules by pimps networks and forced them to provide sexual services for money. Of the identified victims, Venezuelan migrants are in a vulnerable position.

"We are fully committed to national and local authorities in combating crime Guilds, the Public Procurement Office, police and formal tourism providers have the right to guarantee the rights of minors, and in cooperation with the Government in combating the commercial exploitation of children and adolescents in the context of tourism"Deputy Minister of Tourism Juan Pablo Franky said. (Read also: Anomalies found by the prosecution in Cartagena for sexual exploitation)


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