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Passengers set money to determine the plane they were traveling – Companies – Economy

The responsible engineer required the payment of the repair of the hydraulic pump in cash.


LOT employees have raised around 2,500 yuan ($ 360, € 315) among the passengers.



November 20, 2018, 03:40 am

The airline of the Polish flag LOT asked passengers to wait at Beijing airport to board a flight to Warsaw to pay for repair the plane required to take off, Caixin reported on Tuesday.

According to this information, the event took place at 12, when an engineer asked for cash to repair the airplane's hydraulic pump, which had been damaged. End, LOT employees collected 2,500 yuan (360 dollars, 315 euros) from the passengers to repair the plane., a process that eventually took ten hours. The LOT, however, returned the money to the passengers when they landed in Poland.

Caixin reported Polish media as a collection of statements by airline spokesman Adrian Kubicki, who accused the LOT representative in Beijing of saying he "had to have a cash and a credit card."

The LOT flies three times a week from Warsaw to Beijing, where he uses a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. On her website, the company promises a flight to "luxurious conditions and a friendly atmosphere" to which he adds: "Our crew of the best class will guarantee your comfort from the first minute to the last."


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