Friday , January 22 2021

Lewis Hamilton wins the Brazilian Grand Prix for a lucky hit

Lewis Hamilton's tenth victory was helped by Esteban Ocon, a French Force India pilot, who clashed with Max Verstappen in the 44th Brazilian Grand Prix, when the Dutchman had the advantage.

Verstappen managed to stay in the race and approached Hamilton in the last rounds. But that was not enough for the Dutch to get what would be his second consecutive victory.

So, 10 years later he won his first Formula One title Interlagos, Hamilton yesterday won the Brazilian Grand Prix, which secured the crowning of Mercedes in the world championship of the team.

Mercedes won its fifth consecutive title. And Hamilton celebrated dancing with a saba school.

The British, who had placed the drivers' title a few weeks ago in Mexico, first started in Sao Paulo and finished less than two seconds with Red Bull Verstappen.

Ocon this has prevented Verstapen it passed into lap 44. Both cars slipped. At that time, the pilot of the Red Bull had an advantage of about five seconds in terms of Hamilton.

"Of course a driver who is behind can overcome the leader, but he (Ocon) took an unnecessary risk, especially against the leader (who was me), punishing him because he caused the accident, so he says a lot." Max Verstappen, her pilot Red Bull

In addition to the track, Verstappen faced and pushed Ocon, who was his rival in Formula 3, and refused to apologize, despite being ratified during the race. The punishment meant that Ocon fell to fourteenth.

"I hope you do not find me now in paddock"He said Verstapen for French

The Red Bull driver was punished for the pressure and insult of Ocon. The Dutch will have to perform public service duties for two days, in accordance with instructions given by the FIA ​​over the next six months.

Czech finishes in tenth place


A complicated weekend was completed with the reward of Guadalajara Sergio Pérez, who crossed the Brazilian Grand Prix finish line in tenth place, rescuing a point that allowed him to reach 58 in the drivers' championship in 11 points by Nico Hulkenberg, seventh in the classification .

"In the end we rescued a point on a complicated weekend, it was a good chance with Hulkenberg … from the track to reduce the distance," said Jalisco.


1. Lewis Hamilton


1: 27: 09.066 (25 points)

2. Max Verstappen

Red Bull

+ 1,469s (18 points)

3. Raykonen Kimi


+ 4,764s (15 points)

4. Daniel Ritchard

Red Bull

+ 5,193s (12 points)

5. Valtteri Bottas


+ 22.943 seconds (10 points)

6. Sebastian Vettel


+ 26,997s (8 points)

7. Charles Leclerc


+ 44,199s (6 points)

8. Romain Grosjean


+ 51,230s (4 points)

9. Kevin Magnussen


+ 52.857s (2 points)

10. Sergio Pérez

Force India

+1 Turn (1 pt)

No points

11. Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 70 + 1 turn

12. Carlos Sainz The Renault 70 +1 turn

13. Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 70 + 1 turn

14. Esteban Ocon Force India 70 + 1 turn

15. Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 70 + 1 round

16. Sergei Sirotkin Williams 69 +2 rounds

17. Fernando Alonso McLaren 69 +2 rounds

18. Lance Walk Williams 69 +2 rounds

– Nick Hullkenberg Renault 32 RET

– Markus Ericsson Sauber 20 RET

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