Saturday , June 12 2021

It is she who chose to "put in the middle" Moskow and Tesla

During the selection process Robyn Denholm to maintain control Elon Musk, the Tesla board of directors met with several top executives rising to positions in finance departments of multinational companies.

Those who know Denholm say their logical methods may be exactly what Tesla needs.

"It's not surprising that she got the job," said Scott McNealy, co-founder and former chairman of Sun Microsystems, in a telephone interview. "If Elon listens to her, will be much more successful"

As Chairman of Tesla's Board of Trustees, Denholm, 55, will be responsible for gathering the famous senior executive while driving an electric car manufacturer who is still in a volume-increasing phase and is vulnerable to financial difficulties.

While Tesla celebrated a very successful quarter, with an extraordinary gain, many analysts expect it to be needed more capital increases prior to the consolidation of the company.

Denholm began his career in Arthur Andersen's Auditing and Accounting Services and left the company to fill a position in the finance department of Toyota's subsidiary in Australia. He wrote with Sun in 1996 and was for 11 years, where he held a position in the leader of the leading computer company.

On the other hand, Musk is 47 years old a classic founder of Silicon Valley, an eccentric visionary that focuses particularly on products. The presidents who supervise them were often the CEOs themselves or have led companies to other strategic roles.

A president with experience in finance is not that common, though in Tesla's case it could be a force: the relationship with the economic community, which is exactly what the automotive industry wants to improve.

"He seems to be extremely capable in economic communications," said Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a leading expert at the Yale School of Management.

"Of the possible choices, I think they made the best choice, its strengths are not his and vice versa," he added.

However, some see Denholm very close in Musk. As an independent Tesla board member since 2014, he has been a member of a board of directors could not avoid unstable acts of this year's CEO, including August's troublesome messages about the possible withdrawal of the company from the stock market.

An agreement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission on this subject predicted that Tesla would have to strengthen his board, was criticized for a long time because he was very much in line with his millionaire's leader.

However, Tesla has to go ahead with other actions, including replacing more than half of the council to attract Managers with manufacturing experience.

After Sun, Denholm worked at the Juniper Networks network equipment manufacturer, where he was executive vice president and head of finance and business.

His experience in technology is ultimately an asset: Tesla cars are constantly getting new features through different software updates and the company's batteries are increasingly being sold to utilities.

Denholm was also a member of the ABB multinational Swedish-Swiss ABB board that works closely with utilities.

The board of directors joined Telstra, the largest telephone company in Australia, in January 2017 as the head of business and took over as chief financial officer on 1 October.

His decision to leave the office surprised many. Just last month, he assured the Australian media, through a spokesman, that he is not competing for the position of Tesla's president. Denholm, who is married and has adult children, lives in Sydney, and it is unclear whether he will return to California to serve as president.

Like Silicon Valley, the business world in Australia has a long way to go terms of gender equality and gender equality Denholm is passionate about the fact that more women are dedicated to science, technology and engineering, so she created a scholarship on her the University of New South Wales.

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