Friday , October 22 2021

Health staff come out to boost the vaccination campaign


Last Sunday, the Ministry of Health staffed thirty children in Campo de la Gloria and this other fourteen on Saturday, through door-to-door work in the Miter neighborhood.

As part of the national vaccination campaign against measles and rubella, San Lorenzo's Health Secretariat is conducting active surveys in various areas of the city. Last Sunday, staff from the region embraced thirty children at the kite festival held in Campo de la Gloria and yesterday, another fourteen, through door-to-door work in the Miter area.

From the start of activity on October 1, 2,257 of the 3,195 boys aged between 13 months and 4 years, 11 months and 29 days of living in San Lorenzo have received the dose representing 71% of the target population. "We want to get one hundred percent and avoid the lost opportunities we are working in. We do not expect people to come to municipal health centers, but we go out and look for them and we will continue to do so by November 30," said Deputy Minister of Health Susana Diana.

In this sense, the Secretariat team performs monitoring tasks and works with municipal, public and private nursery schools to ensure that all boys and girls are vaccinated.

"This campaign is basically done to prevent new cases of measles, a viral disease, possibly serious and very contagious. To this end, the Nation throws an extra dose, which is placed over a child who has received a one-year dose This is why it is calculated from 13 months "the employee added.

The vaccine is available free of charge in the fifteen municipal health centers, the two provinces and the Granaderos a Caballo hospital.

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