Wednesday , August 4 2021

Diabetes is gaining ground in Panama

About 500 million people living today with diabetes in the world and one in two people with diabetes they are not diagnosed, according to the figures presented by the International Federation of Diabetes.

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However, this tough reality that many children and teenagers live in, is a condition that many parents feel like, the sociologist assured Vanessa Perala "They help you cope with and deal with this deadly situation. As time passes, they adopt it as theirs. "

He added that sleep quality is an important issue for parents of children with diabetes, as the child's rest can often be interrupted by glucose control, treatment, or visiting doctors.

Dr. Liliana Neil, endocrine pediatrician at the Pacífica Salud Hospital explained that all families are affected directly or indirectly by this condition and for this reason they recognize the signs, symptoms and risk factors It is vital for its early detection.

He added that family support in the care of diabetes has been shown to have a substantial impact on improving health outcomes for people with diabetes. Therefore, it is important that people with diabetes and their families have access to education and ongoing support for self-control of the disease in order to reduce its emotional impact and quality life that the illness brings.

Alternative treatment for people with diabetes

The pediatrician reported that diabetes control requires daily treatment, regular monitoring, healthy diet and lifestyle, and ongoing education where family support is fundamental.

He argued that patients with type 1 diabetes require as part of their treatment daily insulin administration via subcutaneous injections, which reach an average 4 daily doses of insulin injections, the equivalent in 120 monthly injections.

New technology

The health expert added that new therapies are now available to the population to treat chronic diseases, improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

Microenvironment, also known by the name of the insulin pump, is a new solution for a better one controlling diabetes.

Neil said his technology helps prevent hypoglycemia by automatically shutting down insulin when the sensor predicts glucose approaches a low limit and repeats it after recovery of glucose levels.

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