Deportivo Cali went to Bucaramanga as a visitor and threatened classification


Deportivo Cali went to Bucaramanga as a visitor and threatened classification

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the "Leopards" the tie was snatched at the end of the game Deportivo Caliwho suffered during the match Atlético Bucaramanga, reducing the chances of participation in the next phase.

Deportivo Cali, before the victory was urged, which led him back in Group 8, started with great force, resulting in the first open chance of the game Juan Camilo Angulo.

But it was a few minutes Bucaramanga He got up and started controlling the game. Its versatility Sherman Cardenas unbalanced a green and white and quick release of flyers Rovira and Gómez they did not give it a chance Pelusso.

Michael Rangel it poses a risk to the curve "Sugar bowl", alerting you Juan Sebastián Quintero and a dangerous shot at the edge of the area. His shape Camilo Vargas he was once again excited and a strong, free throw shot stopped Exportivo Cali John Pérez, and the siege & # 39; & # 39 Bucaros; It did not decline.

Another bright option came from andx National Sherman Nationalwho was shortly after the Olympic target but Vargas will suffocate the screamed purpose of the locals.

THE "green and white it did not cause any danger and again Nicolás Benedetti it was so unusual that he used to get used to seeing and connecting at other occasions Macnelly Torres did not give up and canceled one of the two creative flyers in court.

Cali chose the air ball, the weak point Atlético Bucaramanga, but it did not do much harm. THE Didier Delgado reduced the attack amount green and white being José Sand irrelevant as in advance.

It was closed for the first time and though it was Cali was better at the end of the game, he left much in the attack and thought of the victory he had to look for urgently in the second half.

The supplementary time was a monologue Atlético Bucaramanga, which was again commanded Sherman Cardenas and John Pérezwho are unbalanced "Sugar bowl".

Deportivo Cali this has strengthened the assault of income John Édison Mosquerawho replaced him Nicolás Benedetti unknown in the game area, raising the level & # 39; & # 39 ;. Macgol

But the contractions ultimately pay for the match and they hit it Atlético Bucaramanga an agonizing victory at the end of the match, after a helper Rangel, who leaked Brayan Rovira, and the midfielder defines cross, entering the ball into the finish Camilo Vargas, and "leopards" who have the 3 points to ratify the big moment in the semester.

In a critical situation a Deportivo Cali, in field 11 he scored 26 points, eighth to 2 National Athletics 28 points and a game must still be played. Gerardo Pelusso it seems you have counted the days and it will be Deportivo Meal where the classification will be determined on November 10th Palmaseca.

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