Wednesday , April 14 2021

Curiosities: Cali fan Faizuly makes new nude promise if Angelo Rodríguez scores Soccer Curiosities

Fay Martínez went viral with his promise to take a nude photo if Marco Pérez scored with Deportivo Cali, as he lost many selections in his first games with club Verdiblanco.

Although the offer was for the match against Águilas Doradas, in which the Chocoano striker went empty-handed, in the next game he scored a double against Junior at Barranquilla and the pressure on her in the nets did not wait, to the point that after several days he agreed with a half naked man.

The truth is that the announcer and the DJ of Red Sonora in Cali achieved her goal of having a large number of reactions, some for and some against them, so now she intends to make a diary with many photos if the one who broke her divorce with network is the San Andresan Angelo Rodríguez.

In a conversation with Telepacífico Noticias, he stated that “there are many people who have told me that we are going to do another challenge, neither Angelo nor he has the courage, he needs motivation and I answered well, how do we make a diary, if Angelos makes a goal we will do it with a lot of artistic photos ”

Regarding the acceptance of his first challenge not only among Cali fans but also in America, he pointed out that “there are many people who wrote very positive things to me, but others who did it with a lot of criticism, as if with the intention to destroy the integrity of the individual, but there you have to have self-esteem to face this kind of accusation. ”

Marco Antonio Garcé
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
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