Wednesday , April 14 2021

“At Keralti, caring for people, health and wellness are everything to us”

Sofia Solórzano C – [email protected]

With the pandemic, taking care of people’s lives became a global goal like never before, and for companies like Keralty, born with that goal in mind, it was a time to reaffirm their role in society. and in the healthcare industry.

As a result of this effort, in this regional edition of Entrepreneur of the Year 2020, Sergio Martínez, CEO of Keralty received recognition in the capital zone, as the company’s commitment to Colombian health and also to the development of the country.

“Our priority was the economic, environmental and social development of this country. “We have tried to contribute to society through the creation of health, research, science and technology,” Martínez said in a speech.

Exactly since its inception in 1980, the Keralty group has not stopped growing and increasing its coverage, which to date allows them to have more than 4.4 million members and operate in seven countries.

During his speech, the winning businessman thanked the trust of all associates who put their health in the hands of the company.

“For us, fulfilling our goal of caring for people, creating health and well-being is everything in our lives,” Martínez said.

One element that was fundamental in providing coverage to all of Keralty’s associates was the company’s workforce, and for Martínez this great recognition belongs to them.

“It is a recognition of the talent of our leaders, our doctors, our nurses, all of our support staff who are guided to contribute to the development of the country,” said the CEO.

The company currently employs 18,216 employees and hired 3,000 people during the pandemic. So far this year they have added another 1,400 people to their team in Colombia.

“This is undoubtedly a tribute to each of our partners who were very present during these difficult times. “All these people who are members of EPS Sanitas, Colsanitas, our clinics and all the companies in the group”, the businessman concluded.

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