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An enigmatic flicker astronomers body

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Updated on 11/21/2018 – 08:46

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Moscow, 11/21/2018 (People Online) – Some time ago, the researchers were trying to solve the mystery of the flashing star, supposedly of alien origin. Now, scientists find a mysterious star that behaves in a similar way, emphasizes the RT.

It was in 2017 when the researchers defied the alien case of the Tambi star. Astrophysicists then suggested that reflection was often reduced due to clouds of dust that traveled near the star and blocked light at certain times.

As for the newly discovered star, called VVV-WIT-07, scientists have yet to find the explanation for its unstable brightness.

The star could have a kind of garbage area around him that sporadically blocks his light. However, the scientific team points out that more observations are needed to reveal what is due to the strange behavior of the star.

After analyzing the data from previous observations, the researchers concluded that over the last seven years the star has emitted a light of different intensity without showing any pattern.

The stunning thing is that unlike Tabby's star, barely 20% darker, the new star loses up to 80% of its brightness.

However, these are not the only celestial instruments that "blink". For example, star J1407 typically loses 95% of its brightness. Scientists believe that in its star system there is a planet with a huge ring system. It could be this planet that is sometimes in front of the star and blocks its brightness almost completely.

Researcher Tabetha Boyajian reported that if the new star appears to blink for the same reasons as Tabby, we should conclude that such celestial bodies are a typical natural phenomenon.

However, so far scientists have not gathered enough data to score points on I for stars whose brightness is decreasing sporadically.

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