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29 Malicious Applications That Steal Your Banking Information – Applications – Technology

Handwritten horoscope reading applications and battery managers hid really sophisticated Trojans.

malicious applications

These are some of the applications that Bankers have hidden.



November 7, 2018, 11:57 am

They looked like simple applications to read the horoscope, manage the battery or clean the device, but actually hide a dangerous banker who intends to steal your money.

Researchers at CyberSecurity Eset We detected 29 apps on Google Play that contained this kind of malware in a camouflaged manner and was discovered at the official Android store from August to early October 2018.

According to Eset, the cyber criminals who created them do not only substitute legitimate financial institutions to steal passwords but have used complex techniques for example, Track and redirect text messages to bypass dual factor verification systems.

They also implemented various strategies to seize potential victims. For example, once the application expired, an error message showed that it had been removed due to incompatibility with the victim's device, but the tool was shut down from the user's point of view.

This could even replace the identity of any application installed on the victim's device. To achieve this, attackers used the HTML code of these installed applications and overwhelming it in the legal application with false formats. They could also watch call records and download and install other applications on compromised devices.

malicious applications

These are some of the applications that Bankers have hidden.

According to Eset, although apps were downloaded mainly by the name of different developers, it is likely that they were created by the same group of attackers as they all included the same server and had code similarities.

The apps had a total of about 30,000 users, but were already eliminated by Google after being reported by the computer security company.


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