Wednesday , June 16 2021

“We are full of confidence to defeat the epidemic!” – Immediately hit the vaccination site News

  1. “We are confident to defeat the epidemic!” – Directly at the Ruili-Chinanews vaccination siteChina News Network
  2. Ruili intends to vaccinate all employees with the new hoop vaccine within 5 days: 300,000 people in the city start today at 8 a.m.-NewscnBeta
  3. Positive cases of Ruili increase by 7 people, the city urgently vaccinates the new hoop vaccineCaixin
  4. There is an outbreak in Ruili, Yunnan, and vaccination of all people must be accelerated! 丨 Sike Mathematics and ScienceXinhuanet
  5. The epidemic is heating up, new confirmed cases in Ruili City, YunnanEpoch Times
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