Monday , January 25 2021

NASA has announced that it will extend the mission time of Mars “Insight” and Jupiter “Juneo” – Scientific exploration-cnBeta.COM

NASA said Friday it has officially extended the duration of two pioneering planetary science missions: missions involving the Juno spacecraft and the Mars InSight.These extensions were made after the testing process. “Advanced review has confirmed that these two planetary science missions may continue to bring new discoveries and raise new questions about the solar system,” said NASA director of planetary science Lori Glaze in a statement.


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The Juno probe was launched in 2011 and was originally scheduled to orbit Jupiter in July 2021, ending its mission. Now, he will continue to study the work of this gas giant until September 2025 or the end of his “life”. As it expands its mission, Juno will also expand its mission to explore the rings of Jupiter and some of the larger moons.


Jupiter’s Jupiter satellites include Ganymede, Europa and Io. Among them, icy Europe may have an ocean beneath its crust, which is of particular interest to astronomers. NASA is further developing the Europa Clipper spacecraft to discover more.


The main mission of “Insight” will last two years on earth. It landed in late 2018 and has since sent data on the Mars earthquake and the red planet’s internal operations. The unloader is trying to dig the thermal detector into the ground, but this target has retreated.

NASA has extended the Insight mission until December 2022. The landing team will focus on collecting seismic and weather data and may continue to study the issue of heat detection as a lower priority.

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