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Nanyang International Marathon Liberates Chinese Players Wins Full Female Champion |


Nanyang International Marathon Liberates Chinese Players Wins Full Female Champion |

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Nanchang International Marathon Released Chinese Player Wins Full Championship Women

November 11, 2018, 15:49
Xinhua News Agency

Xinhua News Agency, Nanchang, November 11 (Reporter Lin Hao) On 11, 2018 Nanchang International Marathon began filming at Bayi Square in Nanchang, Jiangxi. Jin Mingming from Inner Mongolia won the women's full championship and the Kenyan players took the first three men.

The marathon has a full marathon, a half marathon, a mini marble and a family business. The starting point is Bayi Square. The full marathon and the half marathon are at the Nanchang International Sports Center. The mini marathon and the family fight are at Tengwang Pavilion. A total of 25,000 players participated.

In the end, players from Kenya took the first three men and broke the record of the fight. Kiprugut won the championship in 2 hours, 13 minutes and 26 seconds. Jin Mingming's full-time champion won in 2 hours, 35 minutes and 11 seconds. (End)

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