Tuesday , October 19 2021

Jufeng Investment Advisor: Can we continue with the return of A shares to 3700 points? -Oriental Fortune Network


  1. Jufeng Investment Advisor: Can we continue when shares of Financial Power A return to 3700 points?Oriental Fortune Network
  2. A picture to understand: A shares have a trillion turnover of 36 combinations! Where does the money come from and where does it go?Sinai
  3. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index rose 1.51%, approaching the high of February, the turnover of the two markets exceeded one trillion for 35 consecutive trading daysWall Street
  4. The Shanghai Stock Exchange fluctuated, the GEM index fell almost 1% and the shares of the meta universe soaredOriental Fortune Network
  5. Just now, the Shanghai Composite Index has reached a six-month high! The selection layer of the new OTC market appeared for the first time as a large stock of bulls with a market value of 60 billion, which increased by 200% during the year …Sinai
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