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Create the value of the original design of Chinese garments, China International Fashion Week, Eastern Fashion Day, the perfect finish – | Yunnan

By creating the value of the original design of Chinese clothing, China International Fashion Week, Oriental Fashion Day, the perfect end

With the EP Yaying Night closing ceremony – China Fashion Week Ending Ceremony and China Fashion Awards 2018, the 2019 International Fashion Week Spring and Summer Series were successfully completed and the Oriental Fashion Center also launched the Beijing Fall of the Fall . The result!

Eastern fashion center Jean & Nylah

In the International Fashion Week of China and Eastern Fashion Day in October, Wang Chenguang, designer of Oriental Fashion Center signatures, launched the CHENGGUANG WANG 2019 spring and summer collection on "霰", Yang Jingjing & Sun Ting joined hands Mark Jean & Nylah. The theme "Night of Iceland" brings a visual feast to the public.

Yang Jingjing, designer of the Oriental Fashion Center, has been well received and won the 24th "China Top Ten Fashion Designers" in this China International Fashion Week for her impressive power and outstanding design talent.

China Fashion Week International Fashion Week 2019, China Fashion Week and Day of Fashion Oriental, funded by the Oriental Fashion Center, were successfully held at the 751D PARK's first workshop. Yang Jingjing and Sun Ting, the designers of the Oriental Fashion Center, presented a fashion show on Icelandic Morning. It is understood that this is the third special show that was organized in the first "Oriental Fashion Day".

In the just-running International Fashion Week of China, liberation was inspired by Iceland's cold and strong natural landscape, the mysterious alternating day and night scene, rich in layers and unpredictable.

With the theme of "Night of Iceland," it is divided into four lines: "Shang", "Crack", "He" and "Yao":

The color of the "Shang" series is mainly black and beige, inspired by the unique scenery of Iceland. The use of hand-crafted strokes and the use of pearls are artistic and layered.


The Crack series is dominated by the black and white, symbolizing the sky that alternates between Iceland and the night, it is ethereal and free and combines design techniques, simple and rich in design and entertainment.


The "He" series is a sequel to the "Crack" series, adopting the standard black and white long plaid, which combines black and white and paved.

"合 合"

The "Yao" series uses water-soluble lace with black and red motifs inspired by Iceland's peculiar volcanic landscape, such as dark night-time, mysterious and low-key sparkling fireworks.


This illustration shows the pursuit of a concise and coherent design, collision of color blocks, decomposition and reorganization of structure, and gentle and fair, also conveys the idea of ​​design with man into overall design style.

Past and present are not binary, they are unlimited in the search for independent thought and sophisticated life and are not trapped in any state, freedom, freedom, sexuality and sensitivity. "

The two designers created the Jean & Nylah brand with a deep understanding of fashion and lifestyle and the pursuit of timeless modernity and unique design.

The Jean & Nylah brand believes that independent women should constantly control their lives, pay attention to their appearance and be sensitive to actual quality. Combining the unique and deep landscape of Northern Europe with Chinese culture is also the essence of the Jean & Nylah brand.

Each of the International Fashion Week and Eastern Fashion Day events are organized by Oriental Fashion Center and hosted by Beijing Fashion Show Technology Co., Ltd.

Fashion Show, as a professional design service provider, is known as Beijing Fashion Show Technology Co., Ltd, and was founded in April 2015 by Qingdao Zhongfang Yilian Fashion Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd., positioning itself as a professional service designer. Around the trend release platform, the original trading planning platform, the designer incubation platform to provide designers with a full range of services.

The company provides an ecosystem of collecting, communicating and exchanging original designers, providing designers with information and data analysis, e-learning lessons, developmental channels, brand promotion, sales channel distribution, investment hatching and other professional services.

At present, the basic function is through the fashion registration number. Through fashion and intelligent analysis of large data, designers and industry provide fashion index analysis services, quickly acquire color, model and category demo data analysis, help improve design and simplify design. The designer service system is the fashion show for the design team, according to the different stages of the designer to provide different depth of service standards. At present, we divide our core user groups into four categories: certified designers, cooperative designers, contract designers, and investment nurseries.

Fashion Mall is a fashion design designed for the design team and provides designers with tools for managing orders, customers and transactions, is an important part of the service extension, helping designers manage their products more efficiently. And trade safely. And with the continuous development of the fashion shopping mall, more designer products will be presented to all through the fashion center, we look forward to more designers to participate in our fashion show! (Article Reprinted Chongqing Morning News)

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