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Original Address: Beijing has introduced thousands of administrative approval at a time

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 2 (Reporter Wu Mengda) A reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Government the second night that Beijing decided to simplify the existing 2,298 municipal inspection and approval and government service issues more than 50%, so only 1130. product. District-level questions of the 16 districts represent more than half of the streamlined ratios.

In the past years, in order to stimulate the viability of the market and facilitate the work of the people, Beijing has been steadily simplifying administration, reducing examination and approval issues, 13 administrative checks and approvals have been simplified from 13 out of 13 parts. The person in charge of the Reforming Agency in Beijing introduces that the rationalization issues involved 60 local government units and units, such as the National Development and Reform Commission, the Planning State Committee, and the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

Over 300 administrative checks and approvals, as well as government service items, can be directly deleted or transferred, with integration, administrative and administrative services reduced by around 800, and will address some 70 reforms.

During the combustion, the Beijing Municipal Building and Construction Committee's administrative examination and approval and administrative services reached 276. In this reform, the Housing Committee's 46 approval was terminated immediately, 13 were transferred, 87 decreased by integration and decreased by 146. Approval batches of the Beijing Urban Planning and Regional Committee were reduced from 142 to 53.

The setting is deleted directly from the revised or deleted items. For example, the Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Office abolished the authorization to establish a "Sino-foreign Joint Undertaking (Co-operative) employment agency" and the Beijing Municipal Government Office abolished the qualification of "Edible Fungus Supervisors".

According to reports, many issues of rationalization involve the livelihoods of businesses and people. For example, the Beijing Municipal Building and Construction Committee may close the 8 different types of cases in the background, directly sharing the data with other government agencies and immediately resign them: the Beijing Municipal Commercial Committee abolished the residence permit issued by multinational corporations based in Beijing (and spouses, young children) application. Confirmation "and so on.

The local authority in Beijing said that the Beijing government is working hard to examine and formulate post-eventual regulatory measures, clarify the key element of responsibility and working methods, promote businesses and people, and prevent the lack of supervision. bit.

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