Sunday , February 28 2021

Why the courage of the portfolio

Madrid.- The AtresMedia series The casino has become a global phenomenon, established this morning with the Emmy's Drama Series, which Alex Pina's creator thinks is due to the "combination of many factors innovations" and "continuous work".

"The viewer is a great expert, every time he sees more hours of fiction weekly and demands more and more different things," said Pina, who believes the Spanish media industry is experiencing a "very sweet" moment of having won a "pulse "as during the crisis they learned to write and shoot with a" almost North American "visual.

These are, in the opinion of his creator, producer and scriptwriter, the keys to success:

Pure fun with frenetic pace. The house of the paper is a series of robberies and robberies. "This is a very fun thing," says Pina, who says that one of the key keys to the success of the series is to adapt this genre to television as it is "pure frenetic fun".

"It's a small puzzle that is slowly formed in which the viewer follows the brain of robbery, which is what designs everything," says the creator of the series and adds that they continue to narrate this genre. Stories in the form of 90 minutes in one of the thousands "allow the creation of a very developed plot" and "immerse in the characters".

Emotional and feminine appearance. Pina says the paper house is based on "very strong" female characters, so the series has a "emotional and feminine" look at a species that was extremely masculine.

"We must have this female spirit because the genre has always been centered on gangs of men's bandits and should have been given a more Latin and emotional touch, which I think we have achieved."

The producer refers to characters such as Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño), an inspector in charge of solving the robbery of the National Monetary and Sealing Factory, a woman who lives in a "world of men" and has suffered "by itself (Ursula Corberó) one of the bandits who plays the role of a narrator with an "emotional but sometimes sarcastic" view or the view of Alba Flores, which represents "the most playful force" in the band.

Large and complex characters. "Moving this type of cinema to television, we have a great space to make transformation arcs and to build much more unique, stronger and more ambiguous characters," says Pina, who believes that today "the big series are always associated with great characters "

The future that will come. The series is developing its third season – which will make Netflix's debut and have a larger budget.

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