Vidal and Fuente-Alba: I did not want to check the legacy


Former Minister of Defense Francisco Vindal acknowledged that he could make a mistake by not reviewing the assets of the absolutes to the army chief before proposing it to the then President Michelle Bachelet in 2009.

This, in the light of the persecution of former Governor Juan Miguel Fuente-Alba, who led the institution from March 2010 to 2014, for embezzling public funds for about 3,500 million pesos.

"The choice to present the machine to the President of the Republic obviously reflected on the military career, and when one showed something more about all the things that happened before and after, it was in the history of Human Rights, but never, perhaps it was a mistake, passed our mind, to control the legacy "said Vidal. "It may have been wrong; in fact today the heritage is controlled", he added.

The former Minister of Defense also referred to the investigation of paying 800,000 cents to any former commander of the army chief, money he actually received in addition to retirement.

"I have completely ignored, before and now, the issue of this payment to the former army chiefs, which seems to be an ancient practice," said Vidal.

In this scenario, the Minister of Defense, Alberto Espina, will meet again with the minister he visits Rummy Rahdford, to address the investigations.

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Fuente-Alba was appointed Chief of Staff in 2009 by President Michelle Bachelet. He held the post between March 2010 and March 2014. (Photo: Archive)

Transparency calls for revision of exclusive spending

On the other hand, the President of the Transparency Council, Marcelo Drago, He argued that he should consider how to handle the exclusive costs and the resources provided through this channel.

"It turns out that there has been a common use in this area, we are talking about a substantial divergence of public funds with a completely different purpose and should lead to a full review not only of regulations, accounts and exclusive spending, but also their amounts," he said Drago.

The lawyer stressed this "clearly such significant sums do not meet the purposes for which they were reserved."

A committee of inquiry

Although Congress is on holiday, MEPs are already analyzing the possibility of setting up a commission to investigate these cases in the army.

"I believe that the House can not ignore a thorough investigation into the action not only of General Fuente-Alba but also of everything that has happened in the institutional (…) by the generals involved in it," the deputy Loreto Carvajal (PPD).

Meanwhile, the deputy Ignacio Urrutia (Independent Former UDI) was opposed to creating such a case, but said he would do the same, because the majority of the House of Representatives is left and "regulations are passed anywhere."

"I am not in favor of setting up committees of inquiry in the House of Representatives when the same issue is dealt with in the courts. I do not think it is advisable or prudent and I understand that the regulation also prohibits us, but as majorities act and most of the citizens of the House are on the left, the regulations are transposed everywhere, Urrutia added.


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