Sunday , March 7 2021

The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes by Andrew Lincoln, Alive or Dead?

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the most recent episode of The Walking Dead.

(CNN) – Andrew Lincoln left the series "The Walking Dead" on Sunday, but AMC has not finished telling the story of Rick Grimes.

The network announced on Sunday that a series of character films are under development and the first is expected to begin production early next year.

Andrew Lincoln is Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead. (Credit: gene / AMC page)

The chain's content manager, Scott M. Gimple, the producer of the series for a long time, will be the executive producer and will write the films that will star in Lincoln.

The episode of The Walking Dead & # 39; this Sunday was announced as Lincoln's latest appearance in the main series. An amazing turn at the end of the episode reveals that Grimes, who had been seriously injured in an explosion, was not dead, as his friends thought. Rescued by helicopter towards the end of the chapter.

The first film released will deal with where Rick got and "what he faces in a new stage of zombie revelation," AMC said.

"It's not the beginning of the end, it's the end of the beginning and I like the idea that we can say a wider story, perhaps with a broader view," Lincoln says in "The Talking Dead," a later performance. in the chapter of the series. "I am always interested in knowing what is there, if there is contact with the rest of the world".

Gimple said films are "great developments in what we do in the program."

"We want to open new streets with different, different stories, all the parts of the same world that have captured our imagination for almost a decade of dead," Gimple said in a statement.

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