Monday , January 18 2021

The new folding high – screen phone raises doubts WORLDWIDE

Samsung yesterday showed an event in San Francisco, what is your vision for the future of smartphones. On this occasion, it is a future in which the phones have a screen that can be folded to take up less space when it is in use.

Justin Denison, vice president of product marketing for South Korea, pulled out of his inner pocket his jacket, which was the focus of rumors in the last week: a flexible smartphone. An action, obviously, was focused on showing how compact the device is, despite having a much larger screen than the current

Although it could only be seen briefly, it is enough to show the concept of a company: a phone that has a small screen when folded – four inches, in this case – to access its own functions without compromising the portability, and a large screen in the fully developed back reaches 7.3 inches.

Among the many queries raised by this type of smartphones, one of the basics is precisely the relative usability of these on a daily basis, which Samsung solves with the aforementioned smaller screen. However, here is a trick, as a result of the folded terminal, as shown slightly in the images, it gets a significant size that would be abnormal to look at any other phone today.

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