The municipality of Quilicura has to pay $ 200 million for negligible medical care


The Supreme Court sentenced the municipality of Quilicura to pay $ 200 million to the family of a young woman who died of appendicitis following a diagnosis of stomach and spastic colon in two offices in the community.

By unanimous decision, the Third Section of the Supreme Court declared unacceptable the appeal brought by the construction, condemning the municipality of Quilicura for the lack of service of the health centers.

According to the decision, the patient, identified as Juana Flor Vallejos Castro, died on February 9, 2012, seven days after first medical care at SAPU Rodrigo Rojas de Negri, where she was given pain medication.

However, the woman went to two more health centers where she was misdiagnosed.

"You can only agree – based on the facts found in the lawsuit – that his death was the immediate and necessary consequence of the defective performance of Sapu No. 2 (San Luis) and Cesfam Irene Frei de Cid ", where it was diagnosed with stomach pain and spastic colon, respectively.

"It follows from the above that the inadequate treatment of abdominal pain that is a state of acute appendicitis usually derives – most likely – from a pattern of peritonitis, a pathology that may endanger the patient's life, as has actually happened in the case of suicide, says the decision.


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