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The Mazda Premium – Vehicles


This new sports utility adds the sporty style and classical elegance of the Japanese brand to a revolutionary engine

The Mazda premium

Elegance and sporty styles, CX-30 / WEB keys

Mazda has not ruled out the enormous increase in innovation and design over the past few years. Mazda introduced the CX-30 utility, which is expanding off-road proposals from September, placing the latest model between the size of the already-known CX-3 and CX-5. The result is a model that adds Mazda's unmistakable sporty and stylish styling to the features demanded from newer times with efficient Mazda M Hybrid (ECO) and Skyactiv-X, world-class

Thanks to the i-Activsense system, it features a fatigue detector that reads the driver's face, as well as automatic braking systems, perimeter, front and rear transit detectors and a list of the latest technologies on the market.

The shape of the new Mazda CX-30, measuring 4.39 meters in length, is dynamic, agile and sporty and, like the todotereno, stands out for the longest distance from the ground and the elevated position of the driver.

In addition, the 18-inch wheels, the Adaptive Smart Full Led (ALH) projection headlamps or the over-compressed rear windows that make the asphalt in the city and beyond stand out. Reflections and games of light on the pure curves of your body are amazing.

In the interior, the Mazda CX-30 follows the Kodo design, a quest for cleanliness supplemented by the finest finishes and the Japanese philosophy at MA spaces (less is more) making it functional, spacious and comfortable for all occupants.

In fact, its torso has increased its capacity to 430 liters. Also, the finishing and seat materials that provide maximum comfort to the driver and other passengers add the latest connectivity and safety features thanks to the entertainment system, the 12-speaker Bose Hi-Fi sound, windshield information display and in Skyact – Vehicle Architecture, which ensures natural driving and allows you to enjoy a quiet journey.

A single engine

The new CX-30 will be optionally fitted with highly efficient Skyactiv-G petrol engines, but will also be available with Skyactiv-X, the world's only engine to revolutionize performance. It is the innovative technology of Mazda, a revolutionary solution for mobility, either in the city or on the road, which maintains driving fun while offering uninterrupted fuel efficiency.

Skyactiv-X combines the cleanliness and elasticity of 180 uncomfortable horses with initial response and oil consumption thanks to compression burning, all along with an advanced hybrid system.

All its gasoline engines are complemented by the Mazda M Hybrid. This hybrid V-system with 24 valves uses Mazda's electric innovation. It is a compact, lightweight and efficient technology that, on the one hand, minimizes fuel consumption and, on the other hand, provides extra savings through the energy recovered during deceleration, which is stored and used to power an electric motor. auxiliary that helps the main engine. With this, it gives the Mazda CX-30 the ECO label.

In the safety section at the wheel, it will be loaded with the most advanced technologies as standard, like the new Mazda3, its compact brother. The i-Activsense system features a fatigue detector that reads the driver's face, as well as automatic braking systems, side traffic detectors, front and rear, and a list of the latest technologies on the market. In addition, the Mazda CX-30 has been associated with G-Vectoring Control Plus (GVC Plus), a technology that allows the torque to be adjusted in relation to the steering wheel movement. Thanks to these, the front wheels achieve greater and better grip on the asphalt and provide driving stability, regardless of road conditions. In this way, control, comfort and enthusiasm are combined in Mazda's new proposal, that of the CX-30, a benchmark among the latest generations of commercial vehicles.

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