Sunday , June 13 2021

San Pablo 2018 Lounge: Nissan presented the Formula E prototype

LFormula E faces a real breakthrough just a few years after its debut: more and more official teams and brands are joining the category of electric cars. Exactly, Nissan will be the first Japanese carmaker to take part in the next championship that will start in December.

Considering the brand's importance for the development of electric cars as part of its Intelligent Mobility strategy, which will be reflected in the Leaf commercialization – initially for January – coinciding with the ePrix to be held in Santiago of Chile, Nissan presented in the hall of San Pablo its new Formula E car

The prototype stands out for its impressive design, with colors and graphics developed by the global design team to emphasize its presence on the slopes and careful aerodynamics. Also, as we already know, FE cars will receive a new power and battery train for this new season.


In this respect, Juan Manuel Hoyos, regional marketing manager at Nissan Latin America, said: "Formula E is a perfect platform for Nissan for two reasons: first, because motor sport is part of our DNA, secondly because we can use competitions as the basis for the development of Nissan Intelligent Mobility"

In addition to the new look of Gen2 cars (the name of the cars of this second generation), the next season of Formula E will also present an innovative form of career. New vehicles will allow pilots to complete the race without changing the tires in the middle of the race, typical of the past.

Pilots will have 200 kW of available power for the whole race, but will have access to 225 kW on some routes when they pass through a single trigger zone. This area will be highlighted in the circuit so that followers, both online and on TV, can see it better.

In the 5th season of the championship, all trials will have a fixed duration of 45 minutes and a round instead of a predetermined total number of rounds.

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