Monday , January 18 2021

Samsung to include in the next QLED HDR10 + Adaptive TV for a better home viewing experience – Mundo en Línea

Samsung Electronics announced today that the HDR10 + customizability will be compatible with Samsung TVs, improving the home viewing experience regardless of the lighting conditions in the room where the TVs are located.

HDR10 + Adaptive supports Filmmaker functionality and adapts to brighter rooms for a true cinematic experience with HDR10 + movies and TV shows in any environment. This feature will be available worldwide with Samsung’s upcoming QLED TV products.

While viewing HDR content is usually ideal in a dark environment, people’s viewing environments can vary greatly based on a wide range of factors: room lighting, time of day, and proximity to windows. In this regard, the HDR10 + Adaptive supports dynamic scene-to-scene optimization, following the instructions of HDR10 + LLC, and can now be adapted to any lighting situation in the room, further refining the HDR experience.

This feature uses the TV’s light sensor to ensure that the screen reproduces the creative intent of the content without loss of detail or contrast. All Prime Video HDR content is automatically delivered in HDR10 +.

The HDR10 + Adaptive on Samsung QLED TVs also supports Filmmaker Mode, a display configuration developed by Samsung – as a member of the UHD Alliance – in collaboration with movie, studio and consumer electronics makers.

Samsung and Amazon Prime Video have teamed up to enable Filmmaker Mode and HDR10 + Adaptive for Prime Video customers. “We’re always looking for new features and innovations that can help improve the customer experience,” said BA Winston, global video playback and delivery leader at Amazon Prime Video. “With HDR10 + and Filmmaker, Prime Video content is optimized regardless of the viewing environment, so that customers can enjoy movies and TV shows the way filmmakers intended,” he added.

More content is available on HDR10 + as Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (UPHE) and Samsung expand their technology partnership to add even more HDR10 + catalogs and new titles to OTT services worldwide.

“As consumers spend more time at home, Samsung is looking for ways to enhance the consumer entertainment experience in the comfort of their own homes,” said Younghun Choi, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics. He noted: “We are pleased to offer smart image quality solutions that will enhance the HDR viewing experience in the home of consumers, providing them with an original cinematic quality worldwide.”

Michael Aaronson, Senior Vice President of Digital Distribution at UPHE, said: “Samsung is committed to developing HDR10 + technology and uniting the industry for support. We are pleased to further expand our partnership with Samsung as we work to bring more titles to this advanced home viewing ecosystem for commodities around the world.

The UHD titles available in Prime Video also include HDR10 + so that all Prime Video customers can enjoy the perfect HDR experience with most Samsung QLED TVs, regardless of the lighting conditions in the room.

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