Wednesday , April 14 2021

Rise in copper and successful vaccination: Expert highlights opening up economy ahead of other countries

The economist Υ Clapes UC Macroeconomic Coordinator, Herman Gonzalez, are marked in Cooperative the progressive rise it had copper, which closed at $ 3.99 a pound on the London Metal Exchange on Friday

In conversation with The Collaborative Diary, the expert noted that “we are in the middle of an “explosion”“, adding that there is”history that this could be a long period of high copper prices

“The world economy is recovering, especially China with great power (…) The economic recovery that we hope will take place, especially after the US elections, is a green recovery. This green recovery will require a lot of copper: both for electricity production as well as for car production“, stressed the expert.

Gonzalez also called on “Look optimistically at the Chilean economy“, especially for”successful“vaccination process.” continue the vaccination process, we will protect the most vulnerable population, and this will allow the transition, gradually, reopening areas that have been most affectedstressed.

“We will be able to start reopening the economy before other countries because we have vaccine availabilityclosed the economist.

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