Thursday , May 13 2021

Nintendo will eliminate a racist move of the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Picture: Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate It will reach stores on December 7th. In his first progress, Mr. Game & Watch's character is observed using racist references to indigenous Americans. Nintendo has announced that it will remove these images from the game and apologize to the fans, saying that caricature does not represent the company's values.

Fans of the fabulous fight saw the new animated assault during a live broadcast of Treehouse last Thursday after a Nintendo Direct dedicated to the game. The black silhouette of Mr. Game & Watch keeps a lens and shows his teeth while a feather appears on the back of his head. It is a tribute to the 1982 game Firefighting, in which players help a cowboy defend his fortress so that Native Americans do not burn it. The fact is that this caricature has caused complaints in various game forums, such as ResetEra and its subreddit.

Screenshot: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (YouTube)

Nintendo has agreed that this is offensive representation. In his statements (after his discovery Eurogamer) the company stated the following:

"Nintendo plans to distribute an update Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which removes the pen from the silhouette of Mr. Game & Watch. The original game on which this character description is based began more than three decades ago and does not represent the values ​​of our company at the moment. We sincerely forgive you for not revealing these details in our promotional material. We will continue to do our work to achieve this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to be a warm and fun experience for everyone. "

The company did not specify why they decided to add the animation Smash Bros. Ultimate at first. The character of Mr. Game & Watch did not have this movement in his previous games Smash, and Nintendo had removed it from Fire Attack when the game was taken to Game Boy Advance in 2002 as part of Game and watch galleries 4. In this version, local Americans were replaced by robbers.

Sensitivity to racism around the performances of Americans is trying to catch up. Earlier this year, the Baseball Club announced that the images of Chief Wahoo, the Cleveland Indian Mascot, will be eliminated from group uniforms starting in 2019 (although still visible to many of the team's products and other places) .

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