Thursday , April 15 2021

Monster Hunter Rise sells 5 million trying to follow the world

If you thought jumping on the Nintendo Switch would be a step backwards, you were wrong, as the Monster Hunter Rise sells 5 million units.

Guilty, it is known that a company did well when once and for all uploaded an epic that was considered specialized. And there is little else we can say when we see it Monster Hunter Rise sells 5 million units.

The impetus given by Monster Hunter World to the epic is more than obvious. A long time ago there were times when it was time to thank if you saw the epic in the shops and triumphed only in the land of the rising sun.

Who, as hunters, should only rejoice. Monster Hunter Rise may be considered a step back for the epic due to its somewhat more classic approach to the world, but it has not been transferred to sales.

Ultimately, it has reached almost the same number of units sold in a very similar time. Of course, much remains to be seen. Finally, updates are not for sale.

Is booting on a console as flexible as the Nintendo Switch also has to do with this success? Will it surpass Monster Hunter World? We have no choice but to wait to learn these juicy details.

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