Thursday , April 15 2021

M. Velasco backs Caro Mestrovic for criticism of her post-US motherhood: She is a great mother | TV and show

The TV entertainer Mario velasco defended his ex-partner Carolina Mestrovic, for the criticism that he “left” their daughter in his care, while internationalizing her career.

“I want to make this clear, because I do not take the time to respond to the bad vibes that come through social media when we talk about Carola, my daughter’s mother, where there is criticism,” she told the Star Zone program.

Velasco has been caring for a nine-year-old girl since 2018, when the actress and communications partner left for the United States to work at the chain. Nickelodeon, where it is part of the soap opera music Club 57.

“Here, like many couples, what is a privilege is the good of our daughter, the good of your children. And in this case I want to be very clear with what I am going to say “, he condemned.

“It was a conversation we had with Carolina when it came to traveling abroad. and get into the big leagues of what we do. “This decision was made in connection with a very important job opportunity that has to do with Nickelodeon, one of the most important networks in the world and where you enter the big leagues,” he added.

Similarly, Velasco added that “when we work in communication, someone takes the weight, because it is part of our job, of the opportunity that Carolina has in her hands today.”

“So the conversation was, Of course, this comes from a lot of responsibility and a lot of workload, who leaves home at nine in the morning and returns at nine in the evening. “, explained. “So we made the decision as an ex-partner, but also as our daughter’s parents, based on what would be the best thing in this part of life for her,” he continued.

Mario and Carolina started a romance, while both were members of the most inactive program GingoHowever, the relationship did not prosper and they divorced, although they maintain a good relationship for their daughter’s well-being.

“Carolina is a huge mom, “She knows very well everything that happens to our daughter, they talk to each other every day, they take advantage of these platforms to get in touch on a daily basis,” he said of the actress who married a Venezuelan actress in 2019.

“I want people to be informed before they make a bad wave, before they give an opinion. “Many people are hurting for cigars and my daughter has already grown up and can read it,” he warned.

“I want to make it very clear that this is absolutely being discussed and it is the decision we make as a family. It is respected by all people. “We can be right, we can be wrong, but it is the process that can happen to any family,” he said.

The animator also commented that he believes the actress “would have said exactly the same thing I said,” come on, shine, stay calm that our daughter is incredible here. I will do my best to take care of her, so that she is happy “. I know he would do it for me. “

«It is also part of the gender equality, the opportunities that are offered to you. Many times many parents have to leave Chile and their mothers or ex-partners stay with their children here and do it in a very good way. “Here the exercise comes back and I am happy”, the communicator concluded.

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