Tuesday , May 11 2021

Kim Kardashian is forced to leave his home due to a fire

The star of the TV Kim Kardashian and his family were forced to temporarily leave their home in Kalambasa on Wednesday because of a severe forest fire out of California, which led the police to evacuate almost all of the city's buildings and the nearby suburbs of Hidden Hills and Agoura Hills, many people live.

Through Instagram's account, the wife of rapper Kanye West, who was not with her at the time of receipt of the order from the authorities, was documented in various videos on how the eviction process evolved and also a comprehensible climate of concern, sank as much as her neighbors because of the uncertainty surrounding the future of their homes.

"Pray for Kalambasa, we just landed and when they arrived at home they gave me an hour to pack and go, they empty all the houses of the city and we have to leave," explains socialism to one of them ending with the sudden arrival one of the firefighting vehicles developed to contain the arrival of flames in the municipality.

"The firefighters have arrived! Thank you very much for doing so much for us", it sounds like the most popular of the Kardashian breed.

In the last of the videos shared on the internet, it is clear that Kim Kardashian was accompanied, if not all three, by one of his older children – socialism is the mother of North (4), Saint (2) and of Chicago (nine months) with the artist – leaving the area by car and guided by the police officers assigned to this purpose, as clearly a childish voice that says reassuringly: "We are safe".

A few hours later, the Los Angeles Police Department gave more details about the extent of the fire and the difficulties it encountered to contain its extension, as well as the protocol applied by the authorities to ensure the safety of the city's residents. region. At that time it had already been confirmed that the fire had burned more than 800 hectares and that the discharge affected the environment of the section of the motorway stretching between the Valley Circle and Lindero Gorge.

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