Monday , March 1 2021

Jean Beausejour: "I wanted to pay tribute to my family Mapuche" – The Red

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The Chilean he chose used his surname in his casaquilla.

Jean Beausejour, side of the Chilean National Team, explained tonight why he came out with his second name, Colliqueo, in his shirt with the victory of the national team 4-1 Honduras, in a friendly game at the Germán Becker Stadium in Temuco.

After the final whistle, the Universidad de Chile player explained this He left with his mother's surname in his friction and not specifically in honor of the deceased member of the community, Mapuche Camilo Catrillanca.

"All deaths count, I do not like big phrases." (The tribute) I had prepared much earlier, mainly because I wanted to pay tribute to my grandfather and my family Mapuche. He was unfortunate in this climate and, of course, grabs another hue. But initially I wanted to pay tribute to my family Mapuche, "he said.

Regarding the minute of the informal silence that both choices made at the ceremony in honor of Catrillanca, despite ANFP's refusal to ask Colo Colo, the central station showed that "the gesture we make is mainly a message Peace, not a sign of division, that's what we want more in choice, it must be transverse, uniting the Chileans. We plan to overcome this conflict. All victims count, side and side, all have the same value. "

"We believe that choice is one of the few things that unites us" (The tribute) It has to do with a call for reflection, to resolve conflicts and that there is justice and that the officers have the proposal that you expect in these cases "he added.

In conclusion, Mr Beausejour pointed out that "we want to give a message of reflection, this from the member of the Catrillanca community is in progress with a social pressure that seems right to me." I recently learned that mayor Mayol resigned. I do not remember which government did this in La Araucanía, so I see half full side rather than half empty. "


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