Sunday , January 17 2021

Jacqueline van Rysselberghe at Boric's meeting with Palma Salamanca: "It does not surprise us" – Policy

The president and senator of UDI, Jacqueline van Rysselberghe, together with the alternate Issa Kort, responded to the visit revealed by the deputy had Gabriel Boric with Ricardo Palma Salamanca in Paris.

Remember that the MP of the Self-Movement, commented The third He visited Paris and met with the former frontier to "listen to his story," a meeting that Boric himself confirmed he held for about 30 minutes.

Faced with these statements, the reactions to the UDI did not wait, because he was the president of the conglomerate, who condemned the action of the independent MP.

"We think that honestly this is not representative, and here they have to look at the various legal instruments, the biggest sanctions, it can not be that political representatives can meet with criminals and nothing is happening, "said van Rysselberghe.

"We believe that Vorich owes a great response to the country and we will pursue the greatest sanctions so this is clear, it can not be that there is impunity on the left, it can not be that they can meet with criminals and nothing is happening, asylum can not be justified by questioning the rule of law in our country, "he added.

The senator finally described the MP's action as "very serious" and added that "he has a lot to clarify, among other things, who financed the trip."

The UDI secretary general, for his part, said that "nothing surprised us what a member such as Borricos can do."

"We believe that Boric, who could know the most objective version of the facts, by going to court records in the records in Chilean courts, where they show that several ministers who are investigating the case are those who have come to believe they are in position to dictate the corresponding penalties and penalties is not a matter of political persecution, "the deputy argued.

"This dual model talking about the rule of law falls when they consider the conviction of a soldier to be fair and the conviction of a murderer against a senator in a democracy is inappropriate. This inconsistency of the left unfortunately calls to discourage a visit to court records ", condemned the UDI Secretary-General.


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