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Inconvenience to the right with Boric meeting with Palma Salamanca "Diario y Radio U Chile

Several people from Chile's Vamos and La Dereka of the country demonstrated against the meeting between the Deputy of the Separation Movement and the former FPMR member. "UDI went to a caravan to visit dictator Pinochet in London when he was detained for crimes against humanity," Boric said.

Sunday 11 November 2018 13:41 hours.


The critics of Chilean Vamos and other areas of the country's right had this Sunday's revelation from the newspaper La Tercera on a meeting between the former, condemned by the assassination of Jaime Guzmán, Ricardo Palma Salamanca and the deputy of the Independent Movement , Gabriel Boric, in France.

According to the publication, Boric traveled to the French Office for Refugees and Stateless Persons in Paris days, granted political asylum in Palma Salamanca to hold a private meeting.

UDI chief head Javier Macaya said that "unfortunately the left has remained the same as the left now" and added that "Vortic is morally incapable of being a lawmaker politically unable to represent citizens and a human sinner for having it does it secretly. "

For his part, the leader of the far-right movement, Democratic Action, José Antonio Cast, argued that Vortic is "non-patriotic" and that he "deserves to be fired according to the Constitution".

UDI chairman Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe called for sanctions against the MP "Palma Salamanca is a terrorist and murderer and it turns out that a deputy from the left joins him and keeps him secret." This is unacceptable, it can not be that the political representatives meet with criminals and nothing is happening, "he said.

Meanwhile, Jaime Guzman's proxy, Luis Ermosilla, reversed one of Gabriel Boric's claims that one of the reasons for granting political asylum in Palma Salamanca was the few guarantees offered by the Chilean judicial system. time

As far as Hermosilla is concerned, he claimed that the former Prime Minister had been given a fair trial. "Palma Salamanca had lawyers, visited two attorneys, had a defense at the trial, was in such prisons that they were not fearless and allowed to escape," he said.

Meanwhile, Humanist Deputy Tomas Hirsch has rejected Gabriel Boric's criticism "I do not see the drama that some people want, I think it is not forbidden to meet anyone in any country. One thing is that Palma Salamanca is condemned and a the other is to be able to meet on a subject like the request for asylum in France, I think that MP Boric is in all his rights, "he said.

Finally, Gabriel Boric himself referred to his social networking controversy and replied to UDI deputy Juan Antonio Coloma that "your whole party was in a caravan to visit dictator Pinochet to honor him while he was arrested in London for crimes in humanity I have condemned the murder without shades Do not come to talk about a double standard, "he said.

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