Imagine The Three Legendary Traditions of The Legend of Zelda as Game Boy Color Games – MeriStation Consoles


Past Nintendo Direct they gave us the news for a new version Zelda's legend: The awakening of Link for Nintendo Switch, a classic Game Boy game for the hybrid with better graphics. But, what would be the main traditions of custom The legend of Zelda to have left for the portable as well Color Boy Game;

All 3D traditions keep your spirit

The project belongs to the user strimes32, which through reddit, wanted to release his imagination with a specific one What if? of the world of video games. The author tried to capture the essence and the main theme of all three-dimensional traditions that started up to the date of history The legend of Zeldaturning them into 2D and styles sprite feature of the Nintendo notebook.


Keeping it colors and analysis of Game Boy Color, this fan has designed its versions Ocarina of Time, Majora Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild, all these are recreated in the start menu with their most distinctive image. This technique or stream, known as demake, seeks to turn current games into old machines or more or less outdated systems. If you are interested demakes, here you have it Resident Evil on Mega Drive or one PUBG in 1998.



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